Facebook haven’t officially revealed Facebook Home yet, but that hasn’t stopped details and screenshots for the UI emerging, revealing that the service will be available on select phones from April 12th.

The Ui will allow users on Android to easily let people know whats going on, bringing your Facebook friends to the homescreen and lockscreen of your device, which will be loaded in the background whilst your device is sleeping, allowing you to comment and interact with timelines from Home.

On the homescreen it will show something called the “cover feed” which will show status’s from your friends, featuring user’s photos, comments, likes and notifications, which will simply show messages right on top of the Facebook feed.

Gestures have been heavily integrated, with a bunch of swiping, tapping and press and hold gestures. You can press and hold and swipe up to view your app bookmarks, and drawer, which can be closed by swiping down.

There’s also a new messaging feature called chat heads, allowing you to talk to friends from anywhere in your phone, the contacts photo will follow you around the app, with an unread count. Tapping into the chat head will show up the conversation which will be shown above the app you are currently using, it all looks very cool.

Multiple messages can be shown, even from messenger and SMS, group chats can also be shown, and closed by swiping them down to the bottom, chat heads can also be moved to any position on the screen.

Facebook Home will be available to download from the Google Play Store at launch, for both smartphones and tablets, however tablets will only be available “within several months” after launch, Facebook say that a new version of Home will even be released every month.

Facebook want’s to reassure users that they aren’t creating a full OS, or even forking Android, Facebook Home is simply a downloadable overlay.

Facebook Home will start of supporting the HTC One, HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy S III and IIII and finally the Samsung Galaxy Note II.

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