During their F8 conference, Facebook announced a new feature for developers, called Account Kit, it will allow you to sign-up/ sign-in to a mobile application with just your email address or mobile number.

This means that you don’t need any passwords, and you won’t have to work your way around Captcha.

This feature is an expansion of the Login in with Facebook button, and will implementable into any app “with just a few lines of code”.

This works by sending the user a code to confirm the number that you have entered, all you then need to do is type in the code that you received into your app.

Obviously, Log in with Facebook will still be available, but Facebook hopes that you will use both in your app to make logins easier.

We don’t yet know when we will see the new login feature in apps, however, Facebook has said that some apps have already tested it.

We can expect to see developers working with this over the next few months then.

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