Facebook have today launched their own search engine during their event today named, Graph Search which will allow you to search something called the Facebook graph rather than the web itself.

Zuxkerberg explained with the following statement when launching the new feature, “Graph Search is designed to give you the answer rather than take you to an answer,” continuing to say that “Most other search products rely on filters, we quickly realised this wouldn’t scale so we came up with something a lot more natural.”

Basically users will be given information from Facebook rather than take them to a set of links, however they did mention that if the service doesn’t return an answer they will pull results from Bing.

So you could simply search something like “What music do my friends like?” and the service will bring a list of all the immediate contacts who have posted something about that band or liked pages, listed in accordance to how close they are to you.

These search requests will be typed into the top Facebook bar and listed in a design that will suit the rest of the site, showing images that are relevant to the query, alongside which it will also allow you to search places, events and even postings from friends and groups.

All of this information will be “privacy aware” according to Facebook, which means it will only bring results that others are happy for you to see, confined to those who are already friends and family, alongside which all the information will also be locked off the Google.

The service is currently in beta, and the site will only be allowing about 100,000 users to sign up, to be one of those you can go to the source link below and join the waiting list.

Source: Facebook Graph Search

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