Facebook has today unveiled a brand new version of Messenger, completely standalone it works right from the user’s browser on their desktop or notebook, allowing them to access all of the features they normally would from the Messenger application on smartphones.

Available to access from Messenger.com, the app works by linking to your current Facebook account, after which you can chat to all of your Facebook friends from a web browser but without the usual Facebook distractions, meaning no News Feed or annoying posts to  read.

That said Facebook still have no plans to removes the messaging feature from its core website, news which was confirmed to Re/code by a Facebook spokesperson.

This should reassure some users who might be worrying about the company doing what they did with their mobile apps, which was done in order to build more features into their messaging application, like the recent developer platform addition.

Messenger.com is available to all English-speaking users worldwide today, after which it will launch in other languages in the coming weeks.

You can check out the new service and find out more about it at the source link below.

Via: Re/code

Source: Facebook Messenger

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