According to TechCrunch, Facebook may be looking to acquire the solar drone manufacture Titan Aerospace, reported to cost the company $60 million, TechCrunch state in a recent report that the social network is looking to get into the drone market.

Honestly we don’t really get the fit, but according to the report Facebook will be using these drones in order to provide internet access to parts of the world which don’t have internet access readily available, a move which could like to the campaign.

TechCrunch say that Facebook would be more interested in the companies Solara 60 model, which can apparently fly for 5 years without having to land at any point thanks to getting all of its power from solar energy.

Facebook is said to build 11,000 of these drones in order to cover most of the internet lacking world.

Check out the video below for a quick look at the proposed drone, there’s also more information at the source link.

Source TechCrunch

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