Today Facebook announced their latest move to increase video use on the platform.

With this, they launched a new group video calling feature on their Facebook Messenger app, which they added with the latest update for the app on iOS and Android, allowing it to compete with Facetime, WhatsApp, and Skype.

With the new update, Facebook will allow you to group video chat with up to six members, and up to 50 more participants who can listen in to that call, speak up, and send stickers, GIFs, and emoji.

To kick a video group chat you will simply need to hit the new button in the top corner of a conversation to kick off a video chat.

This is a huge step for Facebook, allowing them to provide more video chatting features and building upon their already existing video popularity.

You can try the new update via the app today, as it will be rolling out for iOS and Android users from now.

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