chat heads

Definitely one of the more exciting features to be announced with Facebook Home a few weeks ago, was Chat Heads, allowing users to easily view messages from both Facebook Messenger and from your text messaging application, which will basically show a round image of your friends profile picture, which once tapped will show the messages on top of the app you are currently viewing, without leaving it.

Which a lot of people thought would be a Facebook Home only feature, requiring specific implementation  from Facebook, however it now seems that is actually part of the Messenger application.


It now seems that Facebook Home actually uses two already available applications to find the data needed, basically the Facebook app supplies the photos, updates and comments and Messenger adds the chat features.

Which of course means that with the latest update, Facebook Messenger will now allow Android users to use the new Chat Heads feature, allowing those who don’t want the whole Facebook Home system to still use one of its best features.

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