After releasing the same update for their Beta Android application, Facebook has today updated their Facebook Messenger application for iOS.

The update bumps the version number up 4.0, introducing a new groups section alongside message forwarding, a few bug fixes and a number of improvements across the app. Probably the most important out of all of them is the groups feature.

That feature now grants users the ability to create their own sets of groups, within which they can add multiple people and contacts, allowing them to quickly send entire groups instant messages without having to constantly add the names in.

The app will now also allow users to forward messages and images from one chat window to another within the app, to do so the user simply taps the Forward button next to message, selects the recipient and they’re ready to go.

If you have auto updates on you likely already have the new update, however if you don’t then you can download it from the iTunes App Store today.

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