It has today been leaked via an internal document that Facebook will be rolling out ads into its Messenger applications from Q2 2016, allowing businesses to send promotional messages to Messenger users if they have interacted with them before.

TechCrunch first reported this, stating the following:

“To prepare, the document recommends that businesses get consumers to start message threads with them now so they’ll be able to send them ads when the feature launches.”

“The document also notes that Facebook has quietly launched a URL short link that instantly opens a chat thread with a business.”

Facebook has not commented on the possibility of ads, but the short URL has been confirmed, so we at least know it is a plan.

“We don’t comment on rumor or speculation,” it said in a statement. “That said, our aim with Messenger is to create a high quality, engaging experience for 800 million people around the world, and that includes ensuring people do not experience unwanted messages of any type.”

Facebook aims to monetize the service with the use of these ads, but instead of just displaying them inside your chats, which would be annoying, and so instead they will simply allow businesses to send them to you directly.

As of yet we don’t know how this will work, so we don’t know how spammy it will be, however according to TechCrunch, Facebook will only send ads from businesses you have already interacted with, but we don’t yet know what counts as an interaction.

We don’t yet know if this is also a plan for the WhatsApp service either.

Source: TechCrunch

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