During the D: Dive Into Mobile event, Facebook’s CTO and Vice President of Engineering at Facebook, Mike Schroepfer, revealed answers to a couple of questions we have all been thinking since the launch of Facebook Home last week.

First things first, Facebook Home will not launch on iOS anytime soon, due to technologies used within it that are not supported by the mobile OS, however new was recently revealed that Facebook and Apple are in talks about future integration.

The second is the more important piece of news however, as it confirms something to be released later today.

Chat Heads are coming to iOS, with a new update being pushed to the OS as we speak, Schroepfer revealed, announcing that the app should be available for all users to download later today:

“The goal from the beginning was to get this experience into everyone’s hands. As part of that, we’re shortly going to announce an update to our iOS app that’ll add chat heads. Multiple messages, multiple threads, same design, etc. You have to be within the app — that’s a limitation of iOS. You can’t draw across other apps when you aren’t in the app.”

Via: All Things D

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