It seems that Apple are getting a little crappy when it comes to checking apps before they accept them unto the app store, with a fake Cydia app accepted just a week ago and now a Activator fake, the app developed by TicTac Studio claims to be just like the popular Cydia tweak originally developed by Ryan Petrich, with the description:

This will answer one or more of your heaps of problems with your iPhone … Such as…

How to use multitouch gestures in iPhone/iPod touch
How to change the way of accessing IPhone/iPod touch
How to assume custom buttons or custom gestures for original buttons

With this you can add new features like “shaking the iPod for traditional home button press) like wise.. There are many features like touch screen lock, touch shut down, touch reboot, touch respring, changing default buttons and changing default gestures….

But all it actually does according to reviews is edit your home and lock screen, we haven’t downloaded it so don’t know for sure but there are already a few reviews stating this same problem, the worst thing is that its apparently on “50% off sale” at 69p, but don’t be incised by the marketing techniques and stay clear away from this app also share this with your friends so they all know not too as well, hopefully this developer will get banned and money returned soon but as always that lies with Apple who really need to fix their acceptance policy, which has dramatically slipped over this past year.

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