You’ve probably downloaded a lot of apps in the time since you first bought a smartphone, but have you ever downloaded a fake one?

Well if you have you have added to the £27.850 that hackers have earned from disguising their malicious apps as the real thing, the games that were included in this were extremely popular at the time and included Angry Birds, Cut the Rope and Assassin’s Creed.

This all began late last year when the applications were first planted on the Android Market, the apps which looked real but once you open it you find a completely different matter. As the apps would instead of loading send messages to a premium rate number which cost the user £5 a time, and because the apps were not functional the first time a lot of users tried to re-open it leading to a few users losing as much as £80.

Although only 34 of the affected users actually complained to PhonepayPlus, a massive 1,391 users were affected in total, but we have heard that refunds are being issued automatically to any user who downloaded the app.

And if that’s not enough justice the regulator also fined the developers of the app for a massive £50,000, which brings a smile to the face.

Did you download one of these fake apps? Have you got a refund? Sound off in the comments below.

Via [The Telegraph]

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