If you haven’t had a chance to check out Bethesda’s latest addition to the Fallout series, then you will definitely be interested in today’s news.

Today it was revealed that you will be able to download and play the recently released Fallout 4 game for free on both the Xbox One and on the PC this week.

It will be available to registered Steam and Xbox Live Gold members, who will be able to download Fallout 4 on both platforms for free from May 25th.

It will come with the entire base game as well as with access to the mods.

This promotion will only last until Sunday, May 28th though, so you probably won’t get very far within the storyline of Fallout 4, however, that’s is definitely enough time to check out the game and make a decision on it.

Should that decision be to purchase the game, you will be able to pick up the game on Steam, the Xbox Store, and the PlayStation Store at a discount during this weekend.

There will also be discounts on the Season Pass, with up to 67 percent on offer.

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