Fallout 4 is set to be the biggest game release of 2015, and to make use of that Bethesda is looking to offer other experiences next to the game.

One of these extra experiences is the new special edition Monoplay game that was announced today, which was announced in a Tweet that Bethesda sent earlier today.

We don’t really know much about special edition, but we can use our imagination to expect that it will use Caps as it’s currency, which is sorta confirmed in the Tweet, which stated “This November you can advance to GO and collect 200 Caps cc: @USAopoly

We also like to think that there will be player tokens for Super Mutant, dwellers and even possibly Dogmeat, as well as Fallout specific locations to buy such as a Nuka-Cola plant or vaults.

Fallout 4 the game will launch on November 10th on the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One. The Monopoly: Fallout Collector’s Edition will also be released at some point this month.

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