So i’m not really one for games on smartphones, however there is one game that I have been stuck to since this year’s E3, and that is Fallout Shelter.

Unfortunately those without an iPhone haven’t been able to access the game as of yet, but that is about to end.

Bethesda has today announced that they will be releasing Fallout Shelter on Android on August 13th, 2015, after the developer announced that they were working on an Android of the game last month.

Bethesda announced this news with the following Tweet:

In case you don’t know, Fallout Shelter is a game where the player takes the role of a Vault Overseer in the world of Fallout. In that role players are responsible for the protection of their Dwellers and their vault.

To do this you need to build various rooms like a water production facility or a nuclear power plant, you can then assign Dwellers various duties within these rooms and the outside world.

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