The title “Farming Simulator 2013” probably doesn’t sound that exciting to you, but upon playing it you will most defiantly be surprised.

The aim of the game is to basically run your own farming in the middle of a typical country town (except there’s a massive farming gear store right in the middle of it). During the game you will take part in a lot of the activities a normal farmer would do on a daily basis such as harvesting fields, plowing fields and even planting seeds, but with a lot more than that.

You will also get missions during the game in which you must complete an objective set by somebody in need of some help, the great thing about these objectives is that you can’t actually do a lot of them until you have the equipment needed, this gives you a sense of achievement once you get that equipment as you know you will now be able to complete more within the game.

The great thing is it’s also very simple, you simply start a career, plant crops, harvest crops, sell crops and then expand your farm with the cash you have made from the sale.

In terms of things you can buy the list really is endless, there are a ton of various vehicles to use, there are also forty plots across the map to place crops in, 39 of which you will have to purchase yourself, and if that’s not enough there’s also add-ons for your farm such as buildings and animals, you can even create your own wind and solar farms by buying a set of turbines and panels.

There are a couple of things that I found to be a bit too important to be left out or neglected, the first of which was the tutorials which I found okay for driving the tractors and using the equipment to perform essential tasks, which i found okay as it does help you learn but there are still no exact instructions on what exactly you should be doing.

Alongside that there’s no tutorials on any other part of the game such as filing your seeder/ fertiliser or even how to sell you crops, for which there are five different points one for each freight but the map gives no indication which is which, I would have liked to see an expanded tutorial even if it did take more time to complete, one like that which was included in the last version.


Alongside the tutorials, I also found the aspect of no competition very confusing, even in multiplayer all players are forced to work together on a the same farm, with no actual targets to complete throughout the game, it’s kinda like when you go on a rampage and kill random AI’s on GTA just cause your bored, except with Farming Simulator you can do that at any point without losing.

Another aspect off the game I found to be very unappealing was the missions, which as mentioned before are given at any point in the game and require you to buy equipment before completing them, however that was not the bad point as in fact there are only really two missions that you can complete throughout the entire game, mowing somebody’s grass or moving equipment across town, I would have defiantly liked to see more missions and ones which are a lot different to keep the game from becoming obsessively boring.
In terms of graphics I found them to be quite surprising, machines look great and come with some wonderful a animations when lowering your tools, however the outside world is not as great with a ton of low resolution textures and fussy objects, it is however a good improvement from previous games.

In terms of sound, there isn’t any. Well you get the home screen sound and any sounds generated from vehicles, which isn’t unexpected but it would be nice to have a radio or something available.

Everything within the game however can be modded, with support for machines, maps, animals or even buildings so you can basically change anything and everything within the game, however not a lot of this is actually available yet.

One of the best parts of the game however is the multiplayer, which I found to include an awesome community with great players in more or less every public games, even though players are generally nice and will work on a field quite happily the game does allow hosts to kick or ban a player as they see fit, they can also reset any vehicles or tools.

A multiplayer game can consist of up to 9 players all of which will do pretty much the same as a single player game but as a group, all money earned will go to the host.


Farming Siimulator 2013 was defiantly not a game I thought I was going to be playing a couple of weeks ago,just after reading the title you think you will be bored, but the game actually I found it to be one that I couldn’t stop playing, its simplicity and great attention to detail defiantly make it worth coming back for, however I’m not sure how long this game will stay relevant as long as the graphics and tutorials stay the way they are, I would like to see more focus within these areas just to polish of the game and make it that much better.

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