A cool and new drone was unveiled this week, claimed to be the world’s first affordable modular underwater drone, it is called the Fathom One and has been unveiled this week for the price of just $600.

What makes it cool is that is small enough to be carried in a rucksack, whilst featuring a number of features that just as cool to use as any other drone.

It can be controlled via a smartphone or tablet and features a range of technology additions that allow it to explore underwater locations and film them via a Full HD camera. Its creators have designed it to be used in hard to access areas like inspecting underwater pipes, completing search-and-rescue operations, researching hard to reach areas and more.

They also claim that the drone can dive down to a depth as far of 100 ft, with a range of 100 ft from the shore station and a 100 ft tether.

It’s also completely modular, allowing it to be taken apart and put back together easily.

At the moment, the Fathom One is not available to buy, however, it will be launching as part of a Kickstarter project on August 30th.

Anyone who is interested in finding out more about it can hit up the source link below. You can also sign-up to their newsletter to get notified when the project launches.

Source: Fathom

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