If you have the new iOS 6 on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch your probably a bit annoyed at Apple for getting rid of Google’s Maps application, thankfully a guy named Katsumi Kishikawa has built his own application to bring the classic maps back to iOS 6.

ClassicMap is a new and free application that uses Google’s Map platform to deliver a similar experience o that in the previous application.

Take note of the word “similar” however, as ClassicMap does not provide a lot of features you used to know and love, the first is its search, which is extremely crummy, not allowing for searching for point of interest, and when you search for a location such as “hyde park”, it doesn’t take you to the nearest hyde park, as I found when I searched for it, after which it took me to the one in the US not London.

Alongside that there’s not directions, which makes the app pointless.

In my view you should simply app Google’s web app from the actual Maps site, and not download this application as their version is a lot better and includes Street View.

Source: iTunes App Store

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