Ofcom has been offering a service in which they add your number to a “do not call” database for some time now, any number within cannot be called by organisations for the purposes of making unsolicited sales or marking calls legally without consent.

However, Ofcom says that only about 40% of Brits know that they can register a mobile phone number to this service, with 88 percent knowing that they can register landline phone numbers, so there’s obviously a problem here.

In fact, only 3 percent of the UK mobile phone numbers have been registered in the TPS database, compared to the 18.5 million registered landline numbers.

In order to try to increase these numbers, Ofcom is attempting to raise awareness and increase the number of registered numbers through the launch of a new text-to-register process for TPS.

To use this new process and register to the TPS database easily, all you have to do now is text “TPS” and your email address to “78070”, after which you should receive a text reply to confirm your mobile number has been added to the database.

You should not that it can take up to 28 days for the service to become fully effective, but after that, your should notice a huge decrease in the amount of nuisance calls that you receive. Unfortunately, this also won’t stop spam text messages, instead, you should report these to your network operator by forwarding the text to “7726”.

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