Always surrounding my desk and plug sockets are bunches of wires leading to the tons of gadgets I use daily and charge more or less daily, but that is where Feligan’s Power Brick comes in saving the day.

This universal multi charger allows you to charge multiple devices at once, through the 6 connectors on the top of brick, these can be chosen to support various makes and models of devices within certain sections including bluetooth devices, mobile phones, PDAs, eBooks, gaming devices, Digital camera, MP3/4 devices, GPS devices and finally tablets.

In our charger we picked a variety of chargers to see how well the device performs with a variety of devices, and I’ve gotta say it does well. The cable that acts as the charger is also retractable allowing you to simply pull the cable to your desired length and plug-in your device, once it’s charged you can give the lead another tug and the cable will retract back in place.

Alongside the various leads on the top of the brick you can also use the USB 2.0 ports on the front as well as the plug sockets next to them which will work with any UK, US or European plug, and it comes in two color choices, white and black.

Made from a thick plastic  Feligan’s Power Brick actually feels as strong as an actual brick, at the bottom of the brick there are four rubber stoppers to keep the device in place whilst you charge your device.

Overall I found the power brick to be a useful addition to my desk allowing me to charge multiple devices quickly and easily, as the total power of the connected devices can only be less than the maximum power, which if for example the input is 240V the charger can only provide a maximum power of 2000W, if at 110V the maximum power is of course reduced to 1000W.

One problem I did have with the device is that the cables are slightly shorter than I expected, but as the device comes with sockets and USB ports on the front you can use your own longer cable if needed, alongside that I also found the rubber stoppers on the device to be a bit inadequate in keeping the device in place, but this could just be my own heavy-handedness when pulling on the cables, and is nothing a bit of double-sided sticky tape won’t fix.

All in all I have to say this is one of the best multi chargers I have used to date, and will certainly make for a welcome companion on my desk.

If you want your own PowerBrick charger you can pick one up from Feligan’s website or if you prefer on expansys which is available for £56.99.

Also check out our video review right here.

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