Felix Baumgartner is now the world record holder for the highest parachute jumping, after completing a jump from 128,000 feet above Earth, which has taken the record for the hands of Joseph Kittinger who made a 102,800 foot drop in 1960.

But it nearly didn’t happen at all, as the jump was first scheduled for last Tuesday, bu was sadly postponed due to some last-minute concerns during hs ascent.

The jump was broadcast over Red Bulls YouTube channel and on the Discovery Channel. Watched by over 8 million people around he world the jump is something that Felix has been waiting and training for over 5 years.

During his freefall the Austrian skydiver reached speeds of 833.9 miles per hour in just under 5 minutes, which meant he also broke the world record for the fastest jump ever in freefall as well as breaking he soundbarrier as he did so, but that’s not all during his accent he also broke the record for the highest manned balloon flight.

After the jump he said the following during the media conference:

“Let me tell you – when I was standing there on top of the world, you become so humble. You don’t think about breaking records anymore, you don’t think about gaining scientific data – the only thing that you want is to come back alive.”

Check out the video of the jump below.

[jwplayer mediaid=”17664″]

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