Fender has today announced some new gear for the guitarist, revealing a number of in-ear monitors as part of a partnership with Gibson, with a total of five models announced that range from $99 up to $500.

For the monitors, Fender also worked with the headphone manufacturer Aurisonics, a company which it acquired earlier last year.

The headphones are aimed at the companies existing customer base of musicians and are both designed and assembled in Nashville with titanium drivers.

On top of that, in all but the entry-level model, the in-ear monitors also have 3D-printed Digital Hybrid Technology shells that are made to fit 95 percent of ears, a technology which was originally developed by Aurisonics. All of the headphones also have a silver-plated low oxygen cable.

The cheapest of the set is the DXA1, which has a translucent gray finish.with an 8.5mm titanium micro driver, which can generate sound from 14Hz-22Hz, with 116dB @1mW and 16-ohm +/-10% @ 1kHz impedance.

After this things get a little more powerful, starting with the FXA2 which has a 9.25m driver, with a bass response that ranges from 6Hz-23Hz, 112dB @1mW power and 16-ohm +/-10% @1kHz impedance. The FXA2 will be available in metallic blue and metallic black finishes.

The FXA5 builds upon this with a 19Hz-21khz frequency response, with 120dB @1mW power and 36-ohm +/-10% @1kHz impedance. The FXA6 then has a frequency response of 6Hz-22Hz, with 109dB @1mW of generated sound and 16-ohm +/-10% @1kHz impedance. Both of these will be available in metallic silver and metallic black finishes.

The last and most packed monitor is the FXA7, which features an HDBA Array, with a pair of tweeters that are designed to match the custom 9.2mm precision rare-earth drive and Groove-tuned port, with a config that is capable of providing a frequency response from 6Hz-24kHz, 110dB @1mW power and 16-ohm +/-10% @1kHz impedance.

The FXA7 also has SureSeal tips alongside that 3D-printed DHT shell, with an included 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch adapter, it will be available in metallic gold and metallic black finishes.

All of the in-ear monitors will be available in March, priced at between $99 and $500 in the US.

You can find out more about all of the in-ear monitors at the source link below.

Source: Fender


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