This month Fender unveiled a new range of amps that come with some pretty unique features. Called Mustang GT, the new range of amps allow you to make your own tones for the amp and choose from a number of presets that have been built from Fender, right from your smartphone.

The new amps work by allowing you to load custom tones over a USB cable and port, or through your smartphone wirelessly over a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection to the amp.

This works via the Fender Tone app, which comes loaded with all of these presets and it allows you to modify the settings of the amp that you are using. And if you want to expand upon your set-up with a looper, you can also pick up Fender’s add-on panel.

To get some of these presets, Fender has partnered with a number of popular artists to provide users with the sounds that those artists have been using, you will also be able to download tones from Fender’s library of user-created sounds.

To top all of that off, all of the amps in the range will also work as Bluetooth speakers to allow you play a backing track, and they also have a USB output to allow you to record your music to a computer.

If you don’t want to use the app then you can also modify and save sounds right from the amp, which features a colour LCD display and the set of buttons next to it.

Fender has created three sizes of amps for this new Mustang GT range including (in order of their price tag), the stereo GT 40, the mono GT 100, and finally the stereo GT 200, which will be available for £195, £325, and £440 respectively.

In the US, the GT 40 will be available for $249, the GT 100 will be available for $399, and the GT 200 will be available for $599. You will also be able to pick up the pedal add-on for $75.

You can find out more about all of the new Mustang GT amps at the source link below.

Source: Fender

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