Some of the latest cars come with fitted parking sensors, however, that’s not really an option for those who have a car that is older than this century.

Thankfully, if you do have a 21st century smartphone you can get parking sensors on your old car with the new FanSens parking sensor that was launched this week.

FenSens is basically a license plate holder that has a number of sensors inbuilt and can be connected to the smartphone companion app over Bluetooth.

With this, you can get a visual display of how close you are to an object via your smartphone, with a visual display and audio alerts.

FenSens is now available for early bird pre-order on their website for $99, however, that price is limited to the first 1,000 customers, after which it will be priced at $149.

Check it out at the source link.

Source: FenSens

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