Ferrari by Logic3 have today announced their latest speaker dock to join the Ferrari Cavallino Collection named the Cavallino GT1 this bluetooth speaker dock as with the rest of the range has been designed from the original design of Ferrarri’s GT road cars with premium materials mixed with a leather finish, this is probably one of the best looking speakers you may set eyes on.

But it’s not all about the looks (well mostly), as the GT1 also packs a 2.2.1 speaker system packing a 6.5″ integrated subwoofer, Class HD technology and a Digital Signal Processor, for a great sound the DSP itself will control both the crossover and equalisation for a natural tone and extended low-frequency response.

As it is Bluetooth compatible the GT1 can also be used wirelessly from various Android, Windows and Apple OS devices, however it is mostly aimed at those with an iPhone, iPod or iPad with an exclusive app that will allow the user to use additional controls for the GT1 and the current Scuderia FS1.

And the best part the app even comes with its own GT car sounds, allowing users to wake up in the morning with a rev of the engine from the Ferrari GT. There’s also a clock and a five-day weather forecast.

The GT1 Bluetooth speaker dock is available today online and at both Selfridges and Harrods for £499 in black.

Source: Ferrari by Logic3

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