FIFA is defiantly one of the best football games available to date, but with the release of FIFA 13 has the game got any better, or is this new sequel to the game just letting the side down.

In order to find out we were sent a copy of the game for the Xbox 360 from our good friends over at bwin.

The first thing you notice when loading up the game is the focus on online features, which now include a revised EA Sports Football Club, were you will find  a catalogue full of new kits, goal celebrations, boots, upgrades and other FIFA gear, all of which can be purchased with XP points earnable within the game.

Which I actually thought made the game like a trading card edition of FIFA, more due to the not so new Ultimate Team feature that allows you to trade a buy player cards, collecting more as you go.

However the biggest part of the game is obviously the gameplay, which has been greatly improved since previous FIFA games which is not too say the game has lost its roots as returning FIFA 12 players will even get a credit bonus to spend on their team.

The game has also finally been connected to the web, allowing players to download current information on their team, which includes new commentary data, new rivalries and even the teams current form and league standings, there’s also a new Match Day update system that will show how well teams and players are doing, all of which ties into gameplay altering statistics and play style as time goes on.

When loading up a new match you will also notice they have got rid of the old one on one match in favor of skill games which were created to help teach players the control and improve overall.

As usual there’s manager and player-based career modes which is more or less the same as in previous games just with a new UI, but it’s not all single player as EA have also updated the multiplayer mode to link closely with the live stats we mentioned earlier.

There’s also a new quick match games that will let you recreate a match played by your selected team from real life in game, which is pretty cool, and thankfully all of that has been included in a single disc so no need to swap discs mid game.

Both Kinect and PlayStation have been built into the game, allowing you to shout out controls to players, as well as switching between tactics whilst playing a match, however the Move will only allow you to move players around the screen and select where they should pass, which is a bit weird.

The thing about FIFA 13 is you don’t really notice any of the changes until you actually look for them, sure the graphics have been updated with a new physics engine but there’s nothing to substantial that really got me overly excited.

However that’s not to say you shouldn’t buy a copy of the game because you certainly should, however if you think you could be just as fine with FIFA 12 for another year I wouldn’t say no to that either if I’m honest.

As mentioned before this game was supplied to us by bwin for review purposes, but all views and opinions within this article are completely my own.

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