It feels like only a heartbeat ago that we found ourselves amazed with the first 24 hour sales for GTA V, which quickly grabbed the top spot of the UK game chart, however just a week later FIFA 14 has come around and bicycle kicked their way up to the top spot, pushing GTA V down to second place.

Despite this, reports claim that sales for FIFA 14 are actually 24% less than the sales of FIFA 13 during its first week of sales, which a lot of people are assuming to be down o the popularity of GTA V, however it could simply be that many gamers are holding out for the next-gen versions of the title.

To give you an idea of the rest of the chart, Minecraft for Xbox 360 in number three, PES 2014 is 4th, The Last of Us is 5th, Disney Infinite is 6th, Splinter Cell: Blacklist is 7th, Saints Row 4 is 8th, Saints Row 4 is 9th and Rayman Legends is 10th.

via CVG

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