[Update] Since yesterday’s news, it has been confirmed that Nepenthez and his business partner Dylan Rigby have been ordered to pay massive fines as a result of this decision.

According to reports, Craig Douglas (Nepenthez) has been ordered to pay fines totalling £91,000, while his business partner has been ordered to pay £174,000 as a result of them breaking the terms of the UK Gambling Act and pledging guilty to other accounts.

This is a pretty huge fine, considering it was recently reported that FUT Galaxy made £96,000 in profit from July 2015 to February 2016.

There’s no news yet on if the punishment will be more significant than fines, but we will be sure to update you if anything new is revealed. In the meantime, the UK Gambling Commission has provided the following statement to explain more about the decision:

“This was one of the most serious cases that has been investigated and prosecuted by the Commission,” its boss Sarah Harrison said. “Its gravity is reflected in the significant financial penalties imposed by the Judge.

“The defendants knew that the site was used by children and that their conduct was illegal but they turned a blind eye in order to achieve substantial profits. The effect on children of online gambling was rightly described by the Court as ‘horrific’ and ‘serious’.

“All websites offering gambling facilities in Britain must be licensed; it is the only way in which children and vulnerable people can be protected. This case demonstrates that we will use the full range of our statutory powers to investigate and prosecute individuals and companies who try to operate illegally.”

Nepenthez has also sent out the following apology on Twitter:



[Original Story] Some time ago there was a lot of controversy over gambling websites for the CS:GO game, with a number of sites offering gamers with the ability to gamble their skins for the chance of more skins being shut down.

But CS:GO wasn’t the only game that had a bit of gambling controversy.

It was also brought forward that a FIFA-based gambling website named FUT Galaxy had broken the terms of the UK Gambling Act.

The website was started by a YouTube streamer named Nepenthez and his business partner Dylan Rigby, taking bets within FIFA’s Ultimate Team mode and allowing gamers to buy and sell in-game currency and then use it to bet beyond what the FIFA game current offers.

It offered gambling games that were claimed to have violated the UK Gambling Act.

Today, the pair pledged guilty to the charges of being an officer of a firm that provided facilities for gambling without an operating license and for advertising unlawful gambling.

On top of this, the business partner: Rigby also pleaded guilty to two counts related to providing facilities for unlawful gambling and another for advertising unlawful gambling.

Despite them pleading guilty, neither has been sentenced yet.

Source: BBC

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