Shortly after Facebook introduced their new application called ‘Paper’, a few people started to notice that it was exactly the same new as the drawing app ‘Paper’, created by Fifty Three, who are obviously less than pleased about Facebook’s naming decision, seeing as the company have held that name in the App Store since 2012.

In order to tackle Facebook, Fifty Three reportedly filed a trademark request for the name ‘Paper’ on January 30th, despite already owning the trademark for ‘Paper by Fifty Three”, the reason for which is to directly target Facebook’s app release on mobile platforms.

According to TechCrunch, who asked various trademark layer, if Fifty Three are awarded the ‘Paper’ trademark they could have an  even bigger case against Facebook.

However I wouldn’t see this as an attack at Facebook themselves, this is more of a protection against the brand and application the company has been building for the past 2 years, something they don’t want to see butchered by a social network attempting to make their app popular with an already popular name.

Source TechCrunch

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