The app-startup FiftyThree has today updated its Paper application with some new tools that it aims to use in order to extend its reach to businesses and education facilities.

Called Think Kit the app changes the common perception of how the app should be used, allowing users to go further than the basic drawing tools, which allow users to create their own drawings with a stylus.

With the new tools FiftyThree wants users to create and share diagrams, notes or any drawings, basically creating a digital replacement for the white board without having to use an application like PowerPoint or Keynote.

With these new features users can draw shapes and connectors, and have visual models created for them in order to create things like user flows or wireframes.

Users can then export this to other apps like Keynote, PowerPoint, Trello, Evernote, Dropbox and more.

All of these features are also available for free.

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