The developer of the Paper sketchbook application for iOS, FiftyThree has today revealed their own stylus accessory for iOS, designed to work seamlessly with the Paper app, it is called Pencil, and features a design not to dissimilar from an actual pencil, well if there wasn’t a rubber tip at the end anyway.

Designed to work as a capacitive stylus, Pencil can connect to the iPad using a Bluetooth connection and includes three key features: Erase, Blend and adaptive Palm Rejection.

The first on the list, Erase allows you to simply flip the Pencil around and erase, Blend allows you to begin blending your image with your hand instead of the pen and Palm Rejection foes what it says on the tin, rejecting any palm input when your hand r Pencil is touching the iPad’s display.

Pencil also comes with a 90-minute battery life and can be recharged via USB, it will be available in Walnut or Graphite in the US and Canada directly from FiftyThree’s website, priced at $49.99.

As of yet there’s no information on a launch elsewhere.

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