FiftyThree has today announced news that we have all been waiting for, their popular drawing application Paper is coming to the iPhone.

The reason for the delay between the launch on the iPad and the launch on the iPhone is simply because drawing isn’t as good on the smaller screen, and it doesn’t work as well with a stylus on the smaller display.

Despite this FiftyThree is still releasing the app, now inviting users to sign up and be one of the first to try the app when it releases, however as of yet FiftyThree has not confirmed an actual release date for the app, but it has posted an image that provides a quick look at its interface.

If you look carefully you will also notice the Pencil stylus in the app, hinting that the iPhone app will also support the stylus.

However as of yet, that’s all we know.

We expect that FiftyThree will announce more close to Apple’s expected event in September.

Source: FiftyThree

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