Back at the end of 2013 FiftyThree launched a new product called Pencil, designed to work with their Paper drawing app and the iPad, it allows users to easily draw sketches and designs with the app with a bunch of added extras that include palm rejection and a pad at the top that will work as a rubber in the app.

The problem with all that was that they didn’t reveal when it would be coming to Europe, or anywhere outside of the US and Canada.

Thankfully FiftyThree’s CEO and co-founder, Georg Petschnigg has today told Pocket-lint that they “are working to get Pencil to Europe as quick as we can,” despite the 3-4 week wait that is still in effect for customers based in the US and Canada.

Petschnigg didn’t give an exact date to the site, but he did reveal some extra information about Facebook’s release of the Paper app, as well as revealing that the company is already worked on some new plans for the paper application.

“Paper was about being to create your ideas, Pencil is about bringing the hand to life, and this year it will be about collaboration.”

As you can probably expect, he did not reveal those plans in detail however.

Source: Pocket-Lint

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