Today Square Enix revealed more information about the season pass and DLC content that will be coming alongside the next Final Fantasy game.

Called Final Fantasy XV (15), it has been under development by Square Enix over the last 10 years and is set to be launched in just about a months time.

Alongside the game, Square Enix will also be launching a season pass. It will be priced at $25 and will provide access to a total of 6 DLC expansions as part of that price.

Today, Square Enix revealed the names of those DLC packs, which are as follows:

– DLC 1: Booster Pack
– DLC 2: Episode Gladio
– DLC 3: Holiday Pack
– DLC 4: Episode Ignis
– DLC 5: Episode Prompto
– DLC 6: Expansion Pack

Unfortunately, Square Enix did not reveal any details about any of these 6 DLCs.

They also haven’t announced any details about their release dates or worldwide availability.

We do know that Final Fantasy XV will be launched on September 30th, 2016, so we should hear more in the time coming up to that.

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