Final Fanstasy is one of those games that some believe was better in the past whilst others believe the newer ones are king, personally I think the older ones are better and that’s why this story attracted me as soon as I seen the headline as Final Fantasy VII may be coming to a PC near you via Steam, so far it’s a rumor placed on the GOG forum that explains how a brilliant Googler found the domain name had been picked up by Square-Enix.

If you now anything about domain names then you will now that you can find out who owns one through a simple whois page, which if searched on the site you will find that the site is owned by one Yoichi Wada of Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd, check that out here. But that’s not all the page which has since been removed had a lot of information already added to it inducing a summary, artwork as well as links to buy now at the bottom which read “BUY NOW PC Digital Download £7.99 / €9.99?, check it out here.

We don’t any more details than that, or even if its true but if it is I simply cannot wait.

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