Over the last few years, it has become increasingly important to make sure that we are looking after our communal home.

This is due to the growing amount of E-waste in the world, which has been rapidly growing as the advancement of technology has, all too much people buy a gadget, forget about it and then throw it away soon after, or they just shove it in a drawer like many of the authors at TechNutty have been known to do.

But there are many ways to recycle some of those old gadgets, and actually earn money for doing your part this Earth Month.

Depending on your gadget this can be done in different ways, all of them are better than simply throwing them away, but some of them can be tricky to work out.


Image Source: Instructables

Repurpose them

Probably the easiest way that you can do right now is to simply repurpose your old gadget, depending on the gadget into something completely different, such as turning an old computer fan into a desk fan, transforming old computer cases for other uses, or even cables into other cables.

Salvage them

If you have the knowledge then you can also take your old gadgets apart yourself and salvage the important parts at your local dump, of course, this does require a good knowledge in taking things apart, and should be done with extreme care.

Gift them to a friend or family member

You may be done with a gadget, however, you may still know someone that might be able to get some use out of it, so make sure to ask your friends or family members before even thinking about dropping that gadget in the bin.

Sell them

Probably the easiest and best way to recycle your old gadgets is to sell them to a recycling service, there are many around the web who specialise in recycling various gadgets, but they all make recycling your old gadgets easier, and get you a bit of extra cash in return.

For mobiles, in particular, things can get a bit more confusing as there are many different services available, all of whom offer different amounts for different smartphones.

To make things easier, you should check out the On Recycle service, they group all of these mobile phone recycling services into one place, making it easy to find the best amount that you can get for your old mobile phone, tablet, smartwatch, iPod, GoPro, or various other gadgets.

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