What is possibly the most unique speaker available has launched on Kickstarter this week.

Called the Fireside Audiobox, it is a handcrafted wooden Bluetooth speaker that throws flames in time to the music that you are playing. It does so via a Ruben’s Tube, which is a standing wave flame tube that communicates sound waves and sound pressure via flames.

It was first conceived in 2013, when its creator Tyrone Hazen decided that he wanted to make the speaker. Hazen also wanted to reassure users that it is also pretty safe as the flames are about the same size as a “birthday candle”.

Obviously, you don’t want to put it right under something flammable, but it does have a shut-off mechanism that will shut the gas if it should be knocked over.

Check out the video below for a quick look at it. Also be sure to hit up the source link to find out even more, and back the project if you are interested.

Source: Kickstarter

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