Just last month Rare announced the launch of an Insider Programme for their upcoming game, Sea of Thieves.

The programme allowing fans to take part in the early alpha and beta tests for the game ahead of its launch, this week they announced that the first alpha will be called the Technical Alpha and it will be available for people who signed up from 16th-18th of December.

However, they will only be launching this to around 1000 Xbox One players, allowing Rare to test the game ahead of its official launch, they explained more about it via the following:

“This gives us the right scale and experience for our first test, and will allow us to focus closely on the feedback we receive. As we move on through the Technical Alpha phase, we’ll gradually increase the player base and frequency of sessions in line with the game’s evolution.”

Anyone who gets into the Technical Alpha will be bound by an NDA, so we shouldn’t see anything about the game ahead of launch. But you can take a look at it via the trailer below.

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