Over the last few weeks, we have written about the battery issues with the Galaxy Note 7, which has been self-combusting according to a number of users.

More recently, the President of Samsung US apologised for these issues and explained more about what Samsung is doing about them, however, this may not have been enough for one Florida resident named Jonathan Strobel, whose phone exploded in his pocket according to a recent report from Reuters.

In this report, Reuters stated that Strobel was in Costco on September 9th when he felt the phone warm up considerably in his pocket and then go on to explode.

Due to this, Strobel’s attorney filed a lawsuit against Samsung in a Floride state court in Palm Beach County, stating that the explosion had left Strobel with a second-degree burn on is right thigh, and a severe burn on his left thumb, which were both sustained when he attempted to remove the Note 7 from his pocket.

Because of this, the lawsuit is claiming damages for lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering, and other reported damages, however, they have not put a number to all of that yet.

This lawsuit is particularly interesting because it is the first one that we have seen over the issue, and it could set a precedent for all people who were affected to do the same.

You can read more about the lawsuit at the source link below.

Source: Reuters

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