I am one of those who find themselves extremely excited for the Virgin Galactic space flight, however knowing that I would never be able to afford the price, I often find myself disappointed in the fact that I would never be able to be a passenger, at least not at the current point in time.

However Virgin have today announced that they will be doing the next best thing and televising the first ever commercial space flight in a partnership with NBC.

The flight will take place in August 2014, and will be shown as a three-hour special edition of NBC’s Today programme, with talks from the flight’s passengers and of course Sir Richard Branson himself along with his children.

The flight will take off from Galactic’s new terminal at Spaceport America in new Mexico, where it will be lifted into the atmosphere beneath VMS Eve (the WhiteKinghtTwo mothership) and then dropped at 50,000 to carry the six passengers to 68 miles high on a suborbital trajectory.

Once it finds itself in space, passengers will be able to remove seat belts and experience weightlessness for several minutes, after which Virgin Galactic will make its way home.

The price for all of that? A pretty hefty $250,000, which might not be all that much as the service already has $80 million in deposits from a total of 640 customers.

Source: Virgin Galactic

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