The new Fitbit Force activity monitor has today been officially announced, ready to track more or less ever move you make, the Force will cost $130 in the US, where it will be available to purchase by the end of October.

Following on from the Flex, the Force features a OLED display that will provide data on all of your activity stats such as steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned and active minutes.

However there’s one more extra trick, the Force can also monitor your sleep patterns, and even has the ability to wake you up with a silent alarm, or if you prefer it can also be used as a simple watch and even show incoming call notifications.

To do this however, it does need to connect to a device using Bluetooth, but can be paired with an Android phone by simply tapping it onto an NFC capable phone.

The notifications will also work on any iPhone so long as it is running iOS 7, and the watch will be available in two colours, black and slate.

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