Fitbit has today announced the introduction of three new and updated devices, the Fitbit Charge, Charge HR and Surge.

The Surge is at the top of the list, designed to be a sportswatch that can offer users with not just movement tracking but also GPS, heart-rate tracking and motion sensors.

It also has various smartwatch features like showing caller ID, controlling music and grabbing message alerts.

To show these the Surge has an LCD display that is said to last 7 days from the in-built battery. Alongside this the Surge also allows for multisport activities and strength training.

The Charge models are also sportbands, but tis time they are more of an evolution of the Fitbit Force, equipped with an OLED display, movement and sleep tracking and a connection to your smartphone that allows it to show caller ID.

It can also help you keep up with exercise targets which can be tracked via the smartphone app, or the Fitbit dashboard.

The Charge HR is similar to the normal charge but with Fitbit’s PurePulse optical heart rate sensor, which can take your heart rate from your wrist for constant monitoring.

This will then be gathered with other stats from the Charge monitors to show a complete picture of your activity.

The Fitbit Charge is available in the US now for $129.95 in black, white, blue and burgundy. The Fitbit Charge HR will be priced at $149.95 in black, plum, blue and tangerine and will be available in early 2015, the Surge will also be available in early 2015 for $249.95 in black, blue and tangerine.

Source: Fitbit

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