During IFA this week, Fitbit unveiled two new additions to their line of activity trackers.

These new devices have been named the Charge 2 and the Flex 2 and are activity-tracking wristbands, that feature similar designs to their predecessors, but with a few new additions.

In particular, the Flex 2 still features a slim wearable design that is made possible with LED lights instead of a display, which display alerts via a four colour coded LED light system and a connection to your smartphone.

Flex 2 also comes with the capability of tracking your step, calories burned, distance traveled and sleeping patterns. It also comes with Fitbit’s Smart Track feature, which allows it to auto-detect when you’ve started exercising.

Once it has detected that, it will vibrate to let you know.

Finally, the activity tracker is also waterproof up to 50 meters and features a battery life of five days according to Fitbit.

The Charge 2 is the updated version of the Charge HR.

It now features larger display that is four times larger than the HR, alongside a physical button to navigate through modes, GPS in-built to allow for location tracking and the ability to connect to a companion app on smartphones.

The Charge 2 also has a heart-rate sensor equipped, with a battery life of around 5 days.

The Charge 2 will be priced at $149 in the US, with pre-orders now available, and shipment expected for mid-September. The Flex 2 is slightly cheaper at $99 in the US, it will be available in gold, silver and 22-carat.

You can also pre-order the Flex 2 from today and will ship in early October.

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