Today Yahoo Finance of all people posted some new images of devices that claim to be Fitbit’s upcoming smartwatch and wireless headphones, posting a bunch of leaked photos of both devices.

The first of these devices is a new smartwatch that is reportedly codenamed “Project Higgs”.

According to reports, it will be a refined version of the Blaze smartwatch that they previously unveiled, featuring a square face with a metal unibody design and a range of colour options.

Yahoo Finance also claimed that their sources stated that the display will have 1,000 nits of brightness and the smartwatch will feature GPS, heart-rate monitoring and new app capabilities. They also stated that it will be able to make wireless payments.

According to Yahoo Finance, Fitbit will also unveil a new pair of wireless headphones that are reportedly codenamed “Parkside”, which look pretty standard for a pair of headphones, but probably come with some fitness-focused features.

According to reports, these new products will be released in fall of this year, the smartwatch will reportedly cost $300 and the headphones will reportedly cost $150, so we will expect some pretty interesting features.

Of course, we will update you when we hear the official stuff.

Source: Yahoo Finance

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