In somewhat strange news for an app that was reported to be making $50k in ad revenue a day, it has just been revealed that the iOS and Android game, Flappy Bird will be removed from the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store later today.

Breaking the news via a Tweet, the game’s developer Dong Nguyen tweeted about 20 minutes ago (at time of writing) that he will be removing the popular app from the App Store.

Shortly after which he sent out another Tweet to try a disconfirm any rumours that this may be for legal issues.

At the moment we’re not really sure what Nguyen’s reasoning is for this, but we do know that if he is serious, you should probably go pick up the game whilst you can, that is if you want to play it anyway, personally I never found an interest in it.

If we find out any more information we will let you know.

[Update] Since this article’s publication, Nguyen has tweeted out a couple more messages, so we have created a Storify to show all of the developer’s reasoning and answers, check it out below:

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