For some time now, Flipboard has remained relatively the same but today the developers of the app have unleashed a brand new update for it that completely redesigns how the app works, looks, and performs.

Called Flipboard 4, the update brings in a new side-scrolling home screen which will now show you a set of Smart Magazines that you have subscribed to, when you first load up the app, simply pick your passion and then the app will fill it with content from Flipboard users around the world.

The update also added new personal and group magazines, which allow you to create a Flipboard magazine that’s filled with handpicked stories.

You can also automatically fill it with content from any source, person, publication, or Twitter hashtag.

But the essence of Flipboard is still there, the pages still flip like a paper and you can still follow, heart and add content that you enjoy, however, it’s now in a much cleaner and fresher UI.

You can download the update from your respective app store today, but before you do, check out the video for a quick look at Flipboard 4.

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