We just caught wind of a new ambient lamp called the Floating Cloud.

It was developed by Crealey and the Richard Clarkson Studio and is definitely one of the coolest lamps that we have ever seen and we are willing to bet that might be the same for you.

As you can see in the image above, the lamp is literally a floating cloud that hovers above the base by about 2.75 inches with the help of a set of magnets, and all of this lights up with sound reactive LED lights as the cloud bobs and rotates.

The creators explained more with the following:

Over months of design research and user testing, we found that embedding a speaker into the Cloud was not the right direction for several reasons. Firstly – the weight it added significantly decreased the levitation height of the Cloud. Secondly – the speaker drastically reduced the battery life of the Cloud, and required much more frequent recharging. Thirdly – you already have a speaker system right!? Simply let your speakers do what they do best, and the Floating Cloud will do what it does best. While the Cloud itself does not have a speaker, it will react to your existing sound system as well as spoken voice and loud sounds. An embedded microphone allows the Cloud to flash to the beat of the music in four different styles. The Cloud also has a range of ambient lamp modes in both white and colored versions. Each of these modes is controlled via an infrared remote.

The Cloud is held in place using both rare earth magnets, electromagnets, and a location sensor. There is a discrete infrared locating beam in the center of the Cloud, which, if obstructed by an object (such as a hand) will result in the Cloud “falling off” it’s levitating balance point. In such an event the Cloud has a soft felt bottom to cushion the fall. To return the Cloud to its floating position, use your fingers to pry the Cloud off the base and with two hands hold the Cloud roughly in position, slowly move the Cloud from side to side until you feel it ‘lock’ in place.

The Floating Cloud is designed for permanent levitation and can be charged while floating. To preserve battery life we recommend switching the Cloud off when not in use – there is a hidden switch at the top of the Cloud next to the charging port for this purpose.

The video below will also show you a bit more about it.

You can find out even more and even pick one of these floating clouds up for yourself at the source link below.

Before you do that, we are going to warn you, it isn’t cheap at $4,620.00.

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