The Frech daredevil Franky Zapata has today set the world record for the farthest flight by a hoverboard.

He did this with the Flyboard Air Hoverboard, which took him over a distance of 2,252 metres.

That hoverboard is capable of flying up to 10 minutes and can achieve a top speed of 93mph or 150km an hour. During his flight, Zapata reached a total height of 50m, all within the time of just seven minutes.

Guinness World Records confirmed the record, which over-achieved the previous record of 275.9 metres, which was set by the Canadian, Alexandru Duru.

Check out the latest world record below.

At the current time, the Flyboard Air Hoverboard is just a prototype, but you can already register your interest at the source link below.

Source: Zapata Racing

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