A remaster of Gears of War for the Xbox One has been rumoured for sometime now, but now we might have some slight proof that it will soon be a reality after footage of the remaster leaked online this week.

Originally posted by a site called XboxDVR, and then quickly removed, the footage shows what looks to be proof of a Gears of War remaster.

And thankfully some eager gamers snapped up some photos, and posted it on the Neogaf forums.

You can check out the video of the footage below. Be warned however, this footage may not stay up for long, so be sure to check it out before Microsoft find it (it has since been uploaded to Mega also).

(Video removed from YouTube)

We should also note that this is not a confirmation of the Gears of War remaster, however we do expect that a confirmation will come from Microsoft at its E3 briefing in June.

Source: Neogaf

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