This week Ford unveiled a concept that mimics a car journey for those babies that find it easier to fall asleep when on one of those long car journeys and it isn’t even April Fools.

Yup, it’s a real concept called the Max Motor Dreams that features speakers at the bottom to create muffed engine sounds (presumably those of a Ford), motors to mimic the gentle vibration of being in a car seat and LED lights to simulate the glow from passing street lights.

It even links to an app that allows you to track a real-life router from your car and then reproduce that with the crib.

It’s pretty much just a concept right now, so don’t expect it to be on shelves anytime soon, at least not from Ford.

That said, Ford España is running a sweepstake to give away the crib to one lucky winner.

For those who aren’t as lucky, the video below might be sufficient.

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